IIITDM Kancheepuram provides excellent accommodation to its students. The students are provided with all the amenities so that their stay here becomes a worthwhile experience. At institute there is a good blend of academic, cultural, and social experience to all the students, scholars, staffs and faculties. Various co-curricular activities such as designer's club, coding club etc., are coordinated by the respective hostel technical secretary all through the year. Students also enjoy several cultural activities throughout the years conducted at hostel level. In addition to this, many cultural and social activities also happen during the academic year.

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Rules and Regulations for Hostel Residents

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Hostel Leave Rules

Hostel Forms

  1. Hostel Leave Application Form

  2. Student Leave Approval Form

  3. Guest Request Form

  4. Hostel Late Night Entry Request Form

  5. Hostel Request Form During Vacation

  6. Requisition for Hostel Accommodation (For Students or Special Purposes)

  7. Hostel Bin Card

  8. Application for Day Scholar Conversion

  9. Hostel Vacating Form (At the time of vacating hostel)

Mess Menu

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