Dr. Damodharan P

Assistant Professor

E-mail: damodharan@iiitdm.ac.in | Ph: +91-44-27476356 | Room No: 310D, Laboratory Block


IIT Madras


Ph.D in Electrical Engineering

- 2007

College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University


M.E in Power Electronics & Drives

1999 - 2001

Bharathidasan University


B.E in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

1992 - 1996


  1. Electrical Engineering (Power Electronics and Electric Machine Drives)

Research Interests

  1. Power Electronics and Drives

  2. Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Drive

  3. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Drive

  4. Electrical Vehicles (Hybrid EVs and Battery EVs)

  5. Design of Synchronous Reluctance Motor Drive

  6. Switched Mode Power Supplies

  7. Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicle

  8. Renewable Energy

  9. Wind Energy Conversion System

  10. High Step-Up DC to DC Converters for PV Systems

  11. Grid Interactive Photovoltaic Systems

Work Experience


  1. Worked as Lecturer in Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai, Erode for about 3 Years

  2. Worked as a Professor in KSR College of Engineering for 5 months after Ph.D.

  3. Working as Assistant Professor in IIITDM Kancheepuram from July 2009 onwards


  1. Worked as Assistant Chief Engineer in the Advanced Engineering Division of M/s. Lucas-TVS Limited, Padi, Chennai after Ph.D.

Professional Membership

  1. IEEE Member

Professional Service

  1. Co-founder of Ms. ExTech Innovations Pvt. Ltd., a Startup company at MaDeIT, IIITDM Kancheepuram. We are into development of Advanced Vision System Product which is based on Computer Vision Technology focusing on Automation of Industries, Industry 4.0. Mainly developing products for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industries like Pharma, food drinks, food packets etc.,


  1. Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  2. Electromechanical Energy Conversion (Theory and Practice)

  3. Power Electronics and Industrial Drives (Theory and Practice)

  4. Principles of Measurements (Theory and Practice)

  5. Digital Logic Design (Theory and Practice)

  6. Power Electronics

  7. Electrical Drives (Theory and Practice)

  8. Design of Switched Mode Power Supplies

  9. Protection and Switchgear

  10. Electrical Machines (Theory and Practice)

  11. Non-conventional Sources of Energy

Journal Publications

  1. R. Adeline Mellita, D.S. Chandu, S.S. Karthikeyan, and P. Damodharan, "A Miniaturized Wideband Frequency Selective Surface with Interconnected Cell Structure", AEU - International Journal of Electronics and Communications, Elsevier Publication, Vol. 120, June 2020.

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  5. R. Karthik, N. Harish, B. Raja and P. Damodharan "Measurement of thermal conductivity of fluids using 3-omega method in a suspended micro wire", Journal of Engineering Thermophysics (Springer Publication), Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 60-68, March 2012.

  6. R. Karthik, N.Harish, B.Raja and P.Damodharan "Thermal Conductivity of CuO-DI Water Nanofluids using 3-Omega Measurement Technique in a Suspended Micro-wire", Experimental Thermal and Fluid Sciences, 40, 2012, 1-9.

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  10. P. Damodharan and Krishna Vasudevan "Modeling and Simulation of BLDC Motor Drive System using SABER", IEEMA Journal, 65, 2004, 45-47.

Conference Publications

  1. Adeline Mellita, S. S. Karthikeyan, and P. Damodharan “Additively Manufactured Conformal All-Dielectric Frequency Selective Surface” 50th European Microwave Conference (EuMW), Utrecht, The Netherlands, 10-15 Jan 2021. (Accepted for Oral Presentation)

  2. Adeline Mellita, S. S. Karthikeyan, and P. Damodharan “An Ultrathin Quad-band Microwave Absorber with Small Frequency Ratio” 49th European Microwave Conference (EuMW), Paris, France, 29 Sept. - 04 Oct. 2019.

  3. J. Vijay Prabhu, M. Ashok Kumar Bhupathi, P. Damodharan and Vijayakumar K., “Advanced Controllers for Quadratic Boost Converter - A Case Study” 1st IEEE International Conference on Energy, Systems and Information Processing (ICESIP), IIITD&M Kancheepuram, Chennai, 4-6, July 2019.

  4. Vijaya Prabhu and P. Damodharan “Model Predictive Control of Quadratic Boost Converter for High Step-Up Applications” 8th IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES), IIT Madras, Chennai, 18-21, Dec. 2018.

  5. Rajin M. Linus and P. Damodharan, “Maximum Power Point Tracking of PMSG Based Grid Connected WECS using Quadrature Axis Current”, 4th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA), Palermo, Italy, 22-25, Nov 2015.

  6. Rajin M. Linus and P. Damodharan, "Performance of Buck and PWM Rectifier in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Based Wind Energy Conversion System", International Conference on Energy Efficient Technologies for Sustainability (ICEETS), April 2014.

  7. Rajin M. Linus and P. Damodharan, “Performance Analysis of Field Oriented Controlled Grid Side Inverter for Grid Synchronization of Wind Energy Conversion System Under Different Loaded Conditions”, IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (R10 HTC) 2014, August 2014.

  8. Rajin M. Linus and P. Damodharan “Maximum Power Point Tracking and Grid Feeding of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Based Wind Energy Conversion System using Modified Hill Climb Searching Algorithm,” 5th IEEE India International Conference on Power Electronics (IICPE), New Delhi, pp. 1-6, Dec 2012.

  9. P. Damodharan and Krishna Vasudevan "Indirect Back-EMF Zero Crossing Detection for Sensorless BLDC Motor Operation", 6th IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems (PEDS), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2005.

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