Dr. Pandithevan P

Assistant Professor

E-mail: ppthevan@iiitdm.ac.in | Ph: +91-44-27476351 | Room No: 109-K


Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering


AC College of Engineering & Technology, Anna University, Chennai

M.E. in Manufacturing Engineering


PSG College of Technology, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore

B.E. in Production Engineering



  1. Design and Manufacturing: Geometric Modelling and CAD, Additive Manufacturing, Computational Geometry

Research Interests

  1. Geometric Modelling and CAD

  2. Design for Additive Manufacturing

  3. Computer-Aided Tissue Engineering

  4. Experimental and Computational Biomechanics

  5. Computational Geometry

Honours + Awards + Recognitions

  1. Reviewer of Computer-Aided Design Journal

  2. Reviewer of IMechE Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture

  3. Editorial Board Member of EC Orthopaedic Journal

  4. Reviewer of Journal of Biomedical and Bioengineering

  5. Reviewer of International Conference on Engineering and Innovative Materials 2017

  6. Doctoral Committee Member in VIT University, Chennai

Work Experience


  1. 7 years


  1. 7 years


  1. 3 years

Professional Membership

  1. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

  2. International Society of Biomechanics (ISB)

  3. Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS)

Professional Service

  1. Acted as Research Coordinator

  2. Disciplinary Committee Member

  3. Purchase Committee Member


  1. Advanced Geometric Modelling and CAD

  2. Product Design and Development

  3. Geometric Modelling and CAD

  4. Mechanical Design Concepts

  5. Engineering Mechanics


  1. Saravana Kumar G and Pandithevan P. 2010. Fractal tool paths for layered manufacturing of scaffold with matched bone properties. Innovative Developments in Design and Manufacturing. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, UK. (ISBN: 978-0-415-87307-9).

Journal Publications

  1. Selected Publications:

  2. Pandithevan P, Saravana Kumar G. Finite element analysis of personalized femoral scaffold with designed micro architecture. IMech E, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine 2010; 224 (7): 877-889.

  3. Saravana Kumar G, Pandithevan P, Ambatti A. Fractal raster tool paths for layered manufacturing of porous objects. Virtual and Physical Prototyping 2009; 4(2): 91-104.

  4. Pandithevan P, Saravana Kumar G. Personalized bone tissue engineering scaffold with controlled architecture using fractal tool paths in layered manufacturing. Virtual and Physical Prototyping 2009; 4(3): 165-180.

  5. Pandithevan P, Saravana Kumar G.Reconstruction of subject specific human femoral bone model with cortical porosity data using macro-CT. Virtual and Physical Prototyping 2009; 4(3): 115-129.

Conference Publications

  1. Saravana Kumar, G. and Pandithevan, P "Fractal tool paths for layered manufacturing of scaffolds with matched bone properties", in the proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping, Leiria, Portugal, 2009.

  2. Pandithevan, P. and Saravana Kumar, G "Reverse engineering subject specific human bone with cortical porosity data", in the proceedings of International Conference on Total Engineering, Analysis and Manufacturing Technologies, Bangalore, 2008.

  3. Pandithevan, P. and Ramkumar, K.S "A Zero undulation rail coach", in the proceedings of the National Conference on Contemporary Approaches in Design and Manufacturing, A.C. College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi, 2006.

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