Dr. Satish SK Gunturi

Adjunct Faculty - Professor

E-mail: satish.gunturi@iiitdm.ac.in

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/satish-gunturi-2ba4032/


University of Cambridge


PhD Materials Science & Metallurgy

1996 - 2000


Chennai, India

Metallurgical Eng

1994 - 95

Andhra University College of Eng

Visakhapatnam, India

Metallurgical Eng

1990 - 1994


  1. Creep of single crystal superalloys, Packaging of electronics and Industrial batteries, Failure analysis, New Product Development

Research Interests

  1. Power semiconductor packaging & reliability

  2. Industrial batteries packaging

  3. Building materials

  4. Building Sciences - Thermal, Acoustics, Air quality, Visual comfort

  5. Thermal management of electronics

  6. Failure Analysis

  7. Materials Joining

  8. Mechanical behavior of materials

  9. High temperature superalloys

Work Experience


  1. Jan 2022 - present: Adjunct Professor, IIITDM Kancheepuram


  1. 2014-2021: Saint-Gobain Research India, Chennai

  2. 2006-2012: GE Global Research, NY, USA

  3. 2000-2006: ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland


  1. 2012-2014: GE Energy Storage, NY, USA

  2. 1996: Ramco Systems, Chennai, India


  1. Failure Analysis

  2. Mechanical Design for Electronics

  3. Materials for Engineers

Journal Publications

  1. V Bogdan Neculaes, Antonio Caiafa, Yang Cao, Bruno De Man, Peter M Edic, Kristopher Frutschy, Satish Gunturi, Lou Inzinna, Joseph Reynolds, Mark Vermilyea, David Wagner, Xi Zhang, Yun Zou, Norbert J Pelc, Brian Lounsberry. Multisource inverse‐geometry CT. Part II. X‐ray source design and prototype. Medical physics 43(8), 2016, 4617-4627

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  4. Joseph Song-Manguelle, Maja Harfman Todorovic, S. Chi, Rajib Datta, S. Gunturi, Power Transfer Capability of HVAC Cables for Subsea Transmission and Distribution Systems, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 50(4):2382-2391

  5. S. Gunturi & D.Schneider, “On the operation of a press pack IGBT module under short cir-cuit conditions”, IEEE Trans. Advanced Packaging 29 (2006) 433-440.

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Conference Publications

  1. R. Lai, D. Zhang, D. Dong, S. Chi, M. Harfman Todorovic, GE Global Research; G. Ranjan, GE Globla Research; L. Garces, S. Gunturi, R. Datta, T. Wijekoon, C. Sihler, S.E. Rocke, K.M. Elgsaas, E. Savarit, A. Arungalai, J. Song-manguelle, J.M. Pappas, A Modular Subsea DC Electrical Power System, Proc OTC 2014, Houston TX

  2. Rixin Lai, Song Chi, Luis Garces, Kristin Moe Elgsaas, Mike Alford, Dong Dong, Di Zhang, Haji Masoud, Satish Gunturi, Maja Harfman Todorovic, Christof Sihler, Joseph Song-Manguelle, Rajib Datta, James Marcus Pappas, Rajan Gupta, Svend Erik Rocke. Modular stacked dc transmission and distribution system for ultra-deepwater subsea process. Proc OTC 2013, Houston TX

  3. Joseph Song-Manguelle, Maja Harfman Todorovic, S. Chi, Rajib Datta, S. Gunturi, Power Transfer Capability of High Voltage Alternating Current Cables for Subsea Transmission and Distribution Systems, IEEE-IAS- 61st Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technical Con-ference, Chicago, IL, USA, 2013

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  13. G.S. Murthy & GSK Satish "Failure analysis of steel shots" at the 32nd National Metallurgists Day (NMD) at Visakhapatnam, India, Nov.1994.


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