Prof. Jegannathan Srinivasan

Visiting Faculty

E-mail: srinivasan@iiitdm.ac.in

Linkedin: ke.linkedin.com/pub/jegannathan-srinivasan/3b/4ba/211/


I.I.T. Madras



1987 - 1991

I.I.T. Madras



1983 - 1986

I.I.T. Madras



1975 - 1980


  1. Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  2. Electromagnetic fields

  3. Microwave & RF Engineering

  4. Electromagnetic Compatibility

  5. Antennas

  6. Signal Processing

Research Interests

  1. Multiconductor Transmission Lines

  2. Characterestic Currents of Conducting Bodies

  3. Inverse scattering problems

Journal Publications

  1. [1]. Jifeng Mao, Jegannathan Srinivasan, Jinseong Choi, M. Swaminathan and Nhon Do, "Modeling of field penetration through planes in multilayered packages", IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging, Vol.24, No:3, pp 326-333, Aug 2001.

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Conference Publications

  1. [1]. Jegannathan Srinivasan, Dong-Jun Lee, Duk-Sun Shim, Cheol-Kwan Yang, Hyung-

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  11. and effect of field penetration through planes in multilayered package power

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