Dr. Sunilkumar Anumula

Visiting Faculty

E-mail: sunilkumar@iiitdm.ac.in | Ph: +91-44-27476370

LinkedIn: https://in.linkedin.com/in/sunil-kumar-00668b96


Politecnico di Milano


Ph.D. in attosecond science


Sri Sathya Sai institute of Higher learning


M.sc in Physics with specialization in photonics


Sri Sathya Sai institute of Higher Learning


B.Sc (Hons.) in Physics


Research Interests

  1. High harmonic generation

  2. Laser spectroscopy

  3. Design and implementation of Opto-electronic sensors

Honours + Awards + Recognitions

  1. Doctoral fellowship from Politecnico di Milano, Italy (2011-2014)

Work Experience


  1. Assistant professor, department of Physics, Bharat institute of Engineering and Technology (Aug-2015 to May 2016)


  1. Postdoctoral research associate, department of physics, Texas A&M University, USA (May - 2014 to June- 2015)

Professional Membership

  1. Member of Photonics 21 - An European technology Platform


  1. Engineering Electromagnetics

  2. Fiber optics in communications

  3. Sensors and Controls

  4. Analog Circuits

  5. Engineering Physics

Journal Publications

  1. N. Kaya, G. Kaya, M. Sayrac, Y. Boran, S. Anumula, J. Strohaber, A. A. Kolomenskii, and H. A. Schuessler, "Probing non-adiabatic molecular alignment by spectral modulation," In : Opt. Express 24, 2562-2576 (2016)

  2. M Sayrac, A Kolomenski, S Anumula, Y Boran, G Kaya, N Kaya, H Schuessler. “Pressure optimization of high harmonic generation in a differentially pumped Ar or H2 gas jet.” In:Rev. Sci. Instrum. 86, 043108 (2015)

  3. F. Calegari, D. Ayuso, a. Trabattoni, L. Belshaw, S. De Camillis, S. Anumula, F.frassetto, L. Poletto, a. Palacios, P. Decleva, J. B. Greenwood, F. Martin, and M. Nisoli. “Ultrafast electron dynamics in phenylalanine initiated by attosecond pulses". In: Science 6207 (2014).

  4. F Frassetto, A Trabattoni, S Anumula, G Sansone, F Calegari, M Nisoli, L Poletto . “High-throughput beamline for attosecond pulses based on toroidal mirrors with micro focusing capabilities”. In:Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85, 103115 (2014).

  5. Fabian Lucking, Andrea Trabattoni, Sunilkumar Anumula, Giuseppe Sansone, Francesca Calegari, Mauro Nisoli, Thomas Oksenhendler, and Gabriel Tempea. “In situ measurement of nonlinear carrier-envelope phase changes in hollow fiber compression." In: Optics letters 39 (2014), pp. 2302.

  6. Candong Liu, Maurizio Reduzzi, Andrea Trabattoni, Anumula Sunilkumar, Antoine Dubrouil, Francesca Calegari, Mauro Nisoli, and Giuseppe Sansone. “Carrier-Envelope Phase Effects of a Single attosecond Pulse in Two-Color Photoionization". In: Phys. Rev. Lett. 111 (12 2013), p. 123901.

  7. L Poletto, F Frassetto, F Calegari, S Anumula, A Trabattoni, and M Nisoli. “Micro-focusing of attosecond pulses by grazing-incidence toroidal mirrors". In: Optics express21.11 (2013), pp. 13040.

Conference Publications

  1. F Calegari, D Ayuso, L Belshaw, A Trabattoni, S Anumula, S De Camillis, F Frassetto, L Poletto, A Palacios, P Decleva, J Greenwood, F Martín, M Nisoli. “Observation of charge migration in amino acids ”. Photonics Conference (IPC), 2015, Pages: 82-83, IEEE

  2. A Trabattoni, D Ayuso, L Belshaw, S De Camillis, S Anumula, F Frassetto, L Poletto, A Palacios, P Decleva, JB Greenwood, F Martín, F Calegari, M Nisoli. “Charge migration in Phenylalanine initiated by attosecond pulses”. The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics(2015), Pages: CG_6_3, OSA

  3. M Sayrac, A Kolomenski, S Anumula, Y Boran, G Kaya, N Kaya, H Schuessler. “Improving high harmonic generation conversion efficiency”. Bulletin of the American Physical Society (2015), vol.60, APS.

  4. Francesca Calegari, David Ayuso, Louise Belshaw, Andrea Trabattoni, Sunilkumar Anumula, Simone De Camillis, Fabio Frassetto, Luca Poletto, Alicia Palacios, Piero Decleva, Jason Greenwood, F Martín, Mauro Nisoli. “Sub-4-fs Charge Migration in Phenylalanine.” Ultrafast Phenomena XIX (2015), Pages: 52-55. Springer International Publishing.

  5. Gamze Kaya, Necati Kaya, Nathan Hart, Muhammed Sayrac, Sunil Anumula, James Strohaber, Alexandre Kolomenskii, Hans Schuessler. “Molecular rotational constants measured with photoelectron ionization yield. ” Bulletin of the American Physical Society (2014), Volume 59, APS.

  6. Muhammed Sayrac, Alexandre A Kolomenski, Sunilkumar Anumula, Yakup Boran, Gamze Kaya, Necati Kaya, Hans A Schuessler. “Optimum conditions of high order harmonic generation with a gas jet.” Bulletin of the American Physical Society (2014), Volume:59, APS

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