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Sanjay Kamalleswar K.

Dual Degree - EVD 2015


Career Objective

Seeking to apply expertise and extensive experience in Engineering to take on a challenging new role with a growing team. An Effective Problem Solver and a Project Leader with advanced skills and a hardworking mentality.


Indian Institute Of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing,


B. Tech - Electronics and Communication Engineering (D & M) + M. Tech - VLSI & Electronic System Des

2015 - 2020

Work Experience


San Francisco, CA 94105

Solar Photovoltaic Array Designer

08/2018 - Currently Work Here


San Francisco, CA 94105

Indian Student Team Leader

09/2018 - Currently Work Here

Karams Solar Designs (OPC) Private Limited

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


03/2019 - Currently running the company

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