Research Scholar


Ph.D - Mathematics 2012


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Area of Research

Graph Algorithms


Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Kancheepuram


Ph.D. in Theoretical Computer Science

2012 - Present

Lady Doak College


M.Sc. in Mathematics

2009 - 2011

Lady Doak College


B.Sc. in Mathematics

2006 - 2009


Tri-connectivity Augmentation in Trees

September, 2016

Dhanalakshmi S , Sadagopan N and Manogna V: Tri-connectivity Augmentation in Trees. Electronic Notes

R-connectivity augmentation in trees

June, 2016

Dhanalakshmi S, Sadagopan N, Nitin Vivek Bharti: Proceedings of 31$^{st}$ Annual Conference of the R

On 2K2-free graphs-Structural and Combinatorial View

December, 2015

Dhanalakshmi S, Sadagopan N, Manogna V: Proceedings of International Conference on Mathematical Computer Engineering (ICMCE) 2015.

On 2K2-free graphs

June, 2016

Dhanalakshmi S, Sadagopan N : International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IJPAM) (accepted for publication)

3-connectivity Augmentation in Trees

December, 2015

Dhanalakshmi S , Sadagopan N and Sunil Kumar : Tri-connectivity Augmentation in Trees. Proceedings o

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