1 Universal Design - The World Comfortable for All
             2 Free Speech Recognition Tutorial 1 - Setting Up Windows Speech Recognition
             3 Haptic Touchscreen Demo Complete
             4 Haptic Touchscreen Technology (all about sense of touch)
             5 HCI In Education Technology, The Past, Present, and Future by Anonim Informatics UNS
             6 Humantenna- Using the Body as an Antenna for Real-Time Whole-Body Interaction (CHI 2012)
             7 Introduction to the Screen Reader
             8 Keystroke Level-Model Demonstration
             9 New Technology- Haptic Feedback for Touchscreens
             10 The 7 Principles of Universal Design
             11 The Haptic Tabletop Puck- Tactile Feedback for Interactive Tabletops
             12 Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
             13 Universal Design Principles