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Why Recruit Us?

The tough entrance exam and cut-throat competition ensure that the students here possess good intellectual caliber, scientific ability and a strong perseverance to compete. The desire to face competition and succeed translates into other fields too as the students participate eagerly in other activities such as designer's clubs etc. The campus is a mix of students with extremely diverse socio-cultural backgrounds which train them for a global career in places that have similarly challenging environments and experiential learning methods.
The Institute adopts continuous evaluation methodology in all courses with the adoption of "interactive learning approach". In addition to regular paper exam, projects and discussions also form a part of continuous evaluation.

Design Centric Engineering Education

Academic programs being offered at IIITDM Kancheepuram are novel and differ from conventional counterparts. The graduates have been exposed to design thinking and manufacturing aspects involved in Computer, Electronics and Mechanical engineering in addition to the regular courses of institute. A stream of courses starting from evolution of design, design visualization using digital tools, design realization in hobby workshops, individual and team based product design and development were introduced. The students emerge as product designers who can conceptualize and evaluate ideas, and make tangible products through a more systematic deliberations and discussions with academicians from reputed institutions and industry stake holders.

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