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Eligibility criteria for placement registration

Resume - Student Placement Registration

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Pre-Placement Interaction (PPI)

Placement Process

Attendance and Punctuality

Dress code

Identity card

Students must bring their identity cards whenever they undergo a placement process.

Job Offer

Multiple offers

A student is eligible for only one job. If a student receives more than one offer owing to delays in the announcements of results by the recruiters, he/she is bound to accept the job whose results are declared first. If the results are declared on the same day, the student may choose from the offers in hand and inform the placement coordinator within 2 days of the announcement of the results.

Joining status

Students should notify the company with a copy to the placement office in case they are not joining the company with reasons. For all matters not covered by the above regulations, the placement coordinators will use their discretion to take appropriate decisions.

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