Organized by: IIITDM Kancheepuram, Chennai, INDIA
(An Institute of National Importance Established by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India)

Keynote Speakers

Professor.Matteo Zoppi, University of Genova, Italy

Research Areas: Mobile and climbing robots, Dynamics and control of mechanical and mechatronic systems.

Prof. Jinwhan Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), Republic of Korea

PhD: Stanford University

Research Areas: Mobile and Marine Robotics, Unmanned Surface Ships and Underwater Vehicles, Vehicle Intelligence, Navigation and Control

Title of presentation: Development of field autonomy for unmanned surface vehicles

Prof. Huang Weimin, NTU, Singapore

PhD: Cambridge University, UK

Research Areas: Shape Memory Materials and Technologies, Smart Actuators and Devices for Robots, Active Assembly and Disassembly, Surface Patterning

Title of presentation: Product design, fabrication, and recycling based on advanced shape memory technology

Prof. Ashish Dutta, IIT Kanpur, India

PhD: Akita University, Japan

Research Areas: Humanoid Robotics, Intelligent Control Systems, Micro-sensors and Actuators, Bio-robotics

Title of presentation: Design and Control of Robotic Hand Exoskeletons using Brain-Computer Interface for Neurorehabilitation

Dr.S G Ponnambalam, University Malaysia Pahang

Research Areas: Manufacturing System & Optimization, Mechatronics & System Design, Soft Computing & Intelligent System, Production System Optimization, Industrial Engineering, Genetic Algorithms & Evaluative Strategies, Evolutionary Computation, Cybernetics Intelligent, Robotic & Control System

Title of presentation: Metaheuristic Algorithms to Balance Robotic Assembly Lines