Organized by: IIITDM Kancheepuram, Chennai, INDIA
(An Institute of National Importance Established by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India)

International Student Robot Competition (ISRC-RoSMa2018)

College Level


• Steering test
• Mobility / manoeuvrability
• Human detection
• Tunnel


Important specifications that Robots should are follows.

Steering test Min. and Max. turning Radius.
Mobility Types of hurdles

• Wooden block
• Concrete block
• Stairs (up without hurdles and down with hurdles)
• Rolling pipes
• Inclination (45 degree up and down)
• Drop test (ability to reorient if it falls from a particular height)

Human detection To Identify Dead (or) Alive
3D Tunnel Path will be watery with some obstacles resembling blocked debris will be there. Sufficient torque motor to push the debris and move forward.

General Specifications

• Camera shows the arena, not directly visible to the operator.
• Wireless communication(under 10m to 15m - arena).
• Controller.
• Power need to be provided.
• Operator cabin isolated from arena.
• Negative point:
       • Damaging arena
       • Harming the victim.
       • Exceeding time limit.
       • Skipping any obstacle in the mobility category.

Awards and Prizes - Will be updated soon.

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