1. Mobile and Autonomous Robots
2. Serial, Parallel and Compliant Mechanisms
3. Robot Design, Modeling, and Simulation
4. Robot Control and AI
5. Milli, Micro and Nano Robots
6. Robot Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking
7. Space Robotics
8. Social Robotics
9. Humanoid and Bio-Inspired Robots
10.Underwater and Marine Robotics
11.AI, IoT and Robotics


1. Wearable Robotic Devices
2. Robots in Heritage Protection
3. Image Processing for Robotics Application
4. Smart Materials in Robotic Applications
5. Sensors and Actuators for Robotic Applications
6. Robots in Home Automation
7. Haptics and Medical Robotics
8. Robots in Demining
9. Robots in Sports and Entertainment
10. Automation and Robotics in Agriculture
11. Aerial Robots in Surveillance

Smart Manufacturing

1. Industry 4.0
2. AI, IoT in Smart Manufacturing
3. Robots in Manufacturing Automation
4. Robot Assisted Additive Manufacturing
5. Robots in Smart/Digital Manufacturing
6. Optimization Techniques in Digital Manufacturing
7. Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
8. Multi robotic systems in Manufacturing
9. Industry Automation and IIoT
10. Collaborative and Swarm Robotics in Manufacturing
11. Soft Robots Manufacturing