Cultural Clubs

Cultural Club

The club aims to promote exposure and to increase the awareness of the students towards the finer arts of the world. From dramatics to literature, from poetry to music and dance, this is the place to come and experience it all. The club also acts as a forum to improve one’s communication skills, expressivity and critical thinking power. Various enjoyable events are conducted under this club which not only entertain but also enrich our understanding of various different cultures and practices and introduce us to new exotic art forms from around the globe!

Club Cores: Tejasri A. (EDM13B001) and Lalitha P. (COE14B027)

Fun Club

It is very necessary to balance the work, play and leisure for one's health and well-being. Having fun at times gives us energy to face challenges and also motivates to come up with better ideas. It brings in the essential components of a person's life like creativity, curiosity, humour, spontaneity and pleasure. It’s not easy to balance work, play and leisure, but with good relationships it is become easy. Attending sessions under fun club is interesting make us understand our priorities, setup goals and work for it.

Club Cores: CH Sandeep (COE15B006) , Surya Teja (ECE15B008) , Sumuki R (MPD15I018) and G Manvitha (EDM15B041)

Art Club

Art has an important role in development of mankind. The integration of one's thinking and its expression makes a perfect art. It is equivalent to a communicating language which can convey various feelings and emotions of not only mankind but each and every living and non-living thing. Art competition with a theme enhances people to explore under that topic and can also bring out the result of team work. It enriches our inner world. Art plays an important role in invoking one's feelings towards each aspects and acts as their voice.

Club Cores: Hadi Koya (MPD15I001) and Sampath (EDM15B036)

The Language Club

Bonjour! Hallo! Julley! Ciao! Kon’nichiwa! Does speaking a new language give you an adrenaline rush? Does it boost your confidence? Would you like to improve your communication skills? If so then the Language Club is the place meant for you. The club conducts classes for languages like German, French and others to help improve the communication skills of the students at a global level. The Language Club firmly believes that the best way to learn a language is to have fun while learning it and exploring the cultures behind it. So if you are looking for a truly international, multicultural and fun experience, this is the club for you!

Club Cores: Sanjana (ESD15I020), S Abinaya (ESD15I003) and S Nitin (MDM15B003)

Dramatics Club

The parting of the curtains, Lights flooding the stage. The script becoming a reality. The high voltage nervousness and the adrenaline rush before the performance. These are stories from behind the stage, where the real magic happens. When you realize who you really are and feel alive, more than you ever would have before.
The dramatics club can help make your wildest dreams come true. Not only for actors, anyone with even a mild interest can join as it helps to improve your confidence and your ability to express yourself and teaches you how to be calm amid chaos. It brings together those who want to elicit their ideas and emotions, explore new themes through the medium of theatre onto one common stage.

Club Cores: Yutika Chandrashekhar Kulwe (CED15I017) and R Sowbarnika (EDM15B040)

Literature Club

The Literature Club or as fondly known by the students as the ILLITERATI is one of the best places to go and refresh yourself after a long, tiring day. Nothing beats unwinding after a tough day like reading poetry, novels or even drama and savouring each written word as it was meant to be. Even better than reading another’s work is to write your own literary masterpiece for the world to appreciate. Spending time and having long enriching discussions on various day to day topics with like-minded people is a joy in itself! Illitertati gives you the perfect platform to achieve all of the above and even more!

Club Cores: Eashan Dash (MPD15I017) and K Harshitha (CSE15B021)

Music Club

Music is a way for students to achieve "eternal peace" , after a hard day at the academics. The EUPHONY club at IIITDM peps up the moods and energies of everyone present at its events.
This club encourages each and every student, pro or novice , to take part in its events . In this way this club has become a very supportive ladder for the students to reach the peaks of their cultural talents.
The Euphony conducts regular events which include solo and group singing competitions.  The group event comprises of exciting group clashes where a group intones the challenge set by the opponent group.
The club boasts of the maximum participation than any other club, making it the best platform to familiarise oneself with one's peers. The best part of euphony is the absence of inequity between the seniors and the juniors. Every new event takes this bond to a higher level.

Club Cores: Ratnanjali Tiwari (MFD15I005), Varshitha (EVD15I001) and Dharmesh Harsha (ESD15I018)

Dance Club

Long ago someone said....DANCE IS THE CONVERSATION BETWEEN THE BODY AND THE SOUL. And in a student's life, the balance of the body with the soul is of foremost importance. 
The DANCE CLUB of IIITDM Kancheepuram ensures that the students are not deprived of this form of fun filled exercise.
The motto of this club is the famous ABCD (anybody can dance!!). Most of the people tend to shy away from participating, but as they watch their friends dance, they are involuntarily pulled onto the dance floor.
The dance club comprises of exciting events like the CHECKMATE, where the black and the ivory teams confront each other and prove their worth.
When one starts listing the forms dances this club encompasses...the list is unending. It starts with the Indian dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak , Odissi , Kuchipudi and goes on to hip- hop, contemporary, freestyle, bollywood, mass and many more. It gives immense joy to know that this list is getting longer with every new batch. 
The dance club depicts a perfect blend of exercise, fun and games.  

Club Cores: P Manasa (EDM15B021) and Tejaswi Raj (COE15B026)

Photography Club

The photography club takes up one of the most important responsibilities on our campus: the preservation of memories. Any events that our college participates in or conducts - on or off campus - the photography club covers for us. The club trains it's members in the art of taking skilled photographs, and organises several competitions throughout the year. Their photos are often featured in the college magazine.

Club Cores: K vishal naik (EDM15B017) and A Aravind (MDM15B033)

Gaming Club

A forum for fun, the Gaming club tempts the geeks out of their dens. CSGO, DOTA, Mini Militia, FIFA, Assassin’s Creed – name it, the geeks are ready for it. They come together at the end of a hard day to loosen up and just enjoy themselves, building a sense of togetherness and brotherhood.

Club Cores: Vijay kuma T C (MPD15I012) and Sai Prasath K J (MPD15I004)

Adventure Club

In a world where the only jungles we seem to know are made of concrete. It’s always an invigorating and exhilarating experience to discover the great outdoors. However, the problem facing most of us who’d like to get away is- Planning a great trip is difficult and time intensive.
At the Adventure Club of IIITD&M we try to give you an experience of a lifetime that will send chills down your spine. It gives you a complete package full of thrill and amusement by planning adventure trips into the great unknown.

Club Cores: Prasanth Kumar (MFD15I003) and M Divya (COE15B035)

Content Credited to Rohan Sehgal (MDM15B017) and Photo Courtesy to Anoop Krishnan U (CED14I002) and Photography Club

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