Dr. Avinash Kumar

Assistant Professor

E-mail: avikr@iiitdm.ac.in | Room No: 109-A, First Floor, Laboratory Block, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIITDM Kanchipuram, Chennai

Personal Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/avikriitk


Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering

2014 - 2018

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


M.Tech., Mechanical Engineering

2010 - 2012

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya Bhopal


B.E.(Honors), Mechanical Engineering

2006 - 2010


  1. Fabrication technologies (Micro/Nano-fabrication)

  2. Laser Machining and Surface Engineering

  3. Fluid flow and heat transfer at Micro/Nano scale

  4. MEMS, Microfluidics, Bio-fluidics and Bio-devices

Research Interests

  1. Laser Machining, Surface Engineering, Micro/Nano-fabrication for MEMS, Micro/Nano-fluidics and Bio-devices.

Honours + Awards + Recognitions

  1. Chiar for media and recording in the CICT2020 confrence at IIITDM Kancheepuram, Chennai.

  2. I got 9.55/10 in students feed back at IIITDM Kancheepuram for July-Dec 2019.

  3. My PhD thesis was nominated for best thesis award by the foreign and Indian examiner.

  4. I was awarded DST-International Travel Fellowship in 2018 to visit Hawaii, USA.

  5. I was selected in India-Sri Lanka youth exchange program 2017, organized by the Ministry of youth affairs and sports, Government of India. I have visited many places in Srilanka and learned the rich culture and heritage of Srilanka.

  6. I qualified for Indian Engineering Services in 2010.

  7. I secured a 98.20 Percentile in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE-2010).

Work Experience


  1. Working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIITDM Kancheepuram, Chennai from 2019 to present.

  2. Worked as Assistant Professor (TEQIP Faculty, Sponsored by MHRD and World Bank) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, THDC-Institute of Hydropower Engineering and Technology, New Tehri, Uttarakhand (2018) for a semester.


  1. Worked as Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur (2018 to 2019): I worked as Post-Doctoral Fellow with Prof. Anindya Chatterjee and Dr. Niraj Sinha in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur. I am working on the (a) Hysteresis modelling of bio-sensors and (b) Synthesis of nano-composites and its applications. I wish to develop a research activity in the not yet mature field of identification and control of hysteresis with application to biosensors. Simultaneously I am working on the synthesis of BN and BCN nano-particles/sheets. These particles have applications as nano-composites and micro-systems for energy and packaging industries.

  2. Worked as Early Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi (2018): I worked toward extension of my PhD work as Early PDF. I worked in the field of Microfluidics and Laser texturing. I analyzed the effect of texturing on the fluid flow behavior of fluids in the textured micro-channels. I also studied the flow anisotropy in the micro-channels due to textured surfaces.

  3. Worked as a project associate at Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical System, Mechanical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (IISc, Bangalore) (2012-2013): I was involved in a project sponsored by Robert Bosch, at the M2D2 lab, Mechanical Engineering Department, IISc Bangalore. The project required a real time cyber surgery and haptic visualization. I was doing the modeling and fabrication of endoscopic simulator (with the Ph.D. student) using compliant mechanisms. The project involved using compliant mechanisms because of suitability in small size with easy fabrication and no parts to assemble. I was doing the design, simulation, fabrication, and testing of the compliant mechanism. A prototype was fabricated using sensors, manipulators, and compliant mechanisms. Significant teamwork was required to visualize and model the body parts. I also contributed toward the development of a haptic interface between the kit and operator. The Ph.D. students helped me in establishing the electronic and hardware for the device.

  4. Worked as a research associate at Micro-fabrication Lab, Mechanical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) (2012): I worked in the field of MEMS and Microfluidics at IIT Kanpur. We fabricated and integrated various micro devices. We have made a peristaltic pump operated by the micro valves. A solenoid valve in PDMS for micro fluid control was fabricated in-house. My contribution to this project was to analyze and fabricate the assembly. I wrote a program in MATLAB for automated image analysis of solenoid valve. The capability of code is in finding the eccentricity of the valve from the central axis. The program takes a picture of the valve from the web cam and estimates the defects, eccentricity, and deflection in the micro valve. We characterized various solenoid valve with the MATLAB code to get an optimized and error free solenoid valve.


  1. Central Workshop, Northern Coalfields Limited, Singrauli (M.P.): Learn about CNC and conventional machine, various machining processes, various welding processes, overhauling and assembly of 4/6/8/10/12/16 cylinder engines, overhauling and assembly of transmission.

Professional Membership

  1. Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Professional Service

  1. Class committee chairman for B.Tech. final year in academic year 2020-21.

  2. Reviewer in ASME Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, Journal of Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics, ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, Journal of Physics of Fluids, and many more.


  1. Advanced Numerical Methods

  2. Advanced Numerical Methods Practice

  3. Manufacturing Processes-2

  4. Manufacturing Processes Practice-2

  5. Engineering Graphics

  6. Design and Manufacturing lab.

  7. Lasers and Optics in Manufacturing

  8. Mechanical Design of Electronic Systems

  9. Surface Modification Technologies

  10. Engineering Skills Practices

  11. Mechanical Vibrations

  12. Thermo-fluids Machineries

Journal Publications

  1. Manjinder Singh, Avinash Kumar and Abdul Rahman Khan, “Capillary as a liquid diode”, Phys. Rev. Fluids (2020), 5(10), 102101.

  2. Vinod Parmar, Avinash Kumar, G. Vijaya Prakash, Subhra Datta and Dinesh Kalyanasundaram, "Investigation, modelling and validation of material sepration mechanism during fiber laser machining of medical grade titanium alloy Ti6Al4V and stainless steel SS316L”, Mechanics of Materials (2019), 137, 103125.

  3. Vinod Parmar, Avinash Kumar, Manimuthu Mani Sankar, Subhra Datta, G. Vijaya Prakash, Sujata Mohanty and Dinesh Kalyanasundaram, "Oxidation facilitated antimicrobial ability of laser micro-textured titanium alloy against gram-positive Staphylococcus aureus for biomedical applications”, Journal of Laser Applications (2018), 30, 032001.

  4. A. Kumar, S. Datta, and D. Kalyanasundaram, “Liquid slippage in confined flows: Effect of periodic micropatterns of arbitrary pitch and amplitude”, Journal of Heat transfer (2017), 140(1):012403-012403-7.

  5. A. Kumar, S. Datta, and D. Kalyanasundaram, “Permeability and effective slip in confined flows transverse to wall slippage patterns”, Physics of Fluids (2016), 28(8):082002.

  6. Rajiv Kumar Singh, Avinash Kumar, Rishi Kant, Ankur Gupta, E Suresh, Shantanu Bhattacharya, "Design and fabrication of 3-dimensional helical structure of polydimethylsiloxane for flow control application", Microsystems Technologies (2014), 20 (1), 101-111.

  7. Avinash Kumar, Ankur Gupta, Rishi Kant, Syed Nadeem Akhtar, Nachiketa Tiwari, Janakrajan Ramkumar, Shantanu Bhattacharya, “Optimization of LASER Machining process for the preparation of photo masks and its application to Micro-systems fabrication”, Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS (JM3) (2013), 12 (4), 041203-041203.

Conference Publications

  1. Avinash Kumar, Subhra Datta, and Dinesh Kalyanasundaram, " Design, optimization and stability of textures of contacting surfaces in micro-flows", ASTFE 5th International Conference on Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (TFEC2020), New Orleans, LA, USA (April 5-8, 2020).

  2. Avinash Kumar, Subhra Datta, and Dinesh Kalyanasundaram, " Reduction of hydraulic friction in confined flows by laser texturing: Experiments and theoretical validation", ASME 2018 15th International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels, and Minichannels (ICNMM2018), Dubrovnik, Croatia (June 10-13, 2018).

  3. A. Kumar, S. Datta, and D. Kalyanasundaram, "Confinement effects on effective slip of patterned surfaces", Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting (FEDSM2017), Hawaii, USA (30 July - 3 Aug 2017).

  4. A. Kumar, S. Datta, and D. Kalyanasundaram, "Liquid slippage in con fined flows: effect of periodic micropatterns of arbitrary pitch and amplitude", proceedings of ASME 2016 5th Micro/Nanoscale Heat and Mass Transfer International Conference (MNHMT2016), Biopolis, Singapore (Jan 3-6, 2016).

  5. Shanthanu Chakravarthy, Avinash Kumar, Ramu G and Ananthasuresh G.K," Haptic Display for an Endoscopic Simulator Using an Integrated Ring-actuator", Proceedings of 1st International & 16th National Conference on Machines and Mechanisms (iNaCoMM 2013), IIT Roorkee (December 18 to December 20, 2013).

  6. Avinash Kumar, Rishi Kant, Ankur Gupta, Shantanu Bhattacharya, " Fabrication and parameter optimization of co2 laser machined photo mask for photolithography process", Proceedings of the International Conference on Innovations in Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur, India, (Dec 5-7, 2012) (IIITDM Jabalpur-2012, InnDeM-5015).

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