Ms. Chitra. C

Faculty On Contract

E-mail: chitrac@iiitdm.ac.in | Ph: 8826543293 | Room No: 310 E, Laboratory Complex

Linktree: www.linktr.ee/mographies

Patent: http://www.ircc.iitb.ac.in/IRCC-Webpage/patent229054.jsp

Academia.edu: https://independent.academia.edu/ChitraChandrashekhar


Praxis (Practice Led Learning in Visual Story Design & Story Consulting)


Mographies: Independent Creative Micro Practice

2011 - Ongoing

IDC School Of Design, IIT Bombay


Master of Design (Visual Communication)

2009 - 2011

School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

New Delhi

Bachelor of Architecture

2002 - 2007


  1. Spatial-Graphical Narrative Experience Design

  2. Communication Design & Visual Communication

  3. Visual Facilitation for Creative Collaborations

  4. Output and Outcome oriented Learning Experiences & Strategies

Research Interests

  1. Visual Storytelling & Narrative Experience Design

  2. Graphic Recording/ Sketch noting & Visual Facilitation

  3. Creative Pedagogy & Learning Experience Design

  4. Gamification & Play based Experience Design

  5. Participatory & Collaborative Design Process Facilitation

  6. Expanded and Experimental Animation

  7. Communication & Information Strategy

  8. Branding & Visual Identity Systems

  9. Systems Mapping & Visualizations

  10. Information Design & Data Storytelling

  11. Design in Research & Research in Design

  12. Sustainable Creativity & Sustainable Systems

Honours + Awards + Recognitions

  1. Visual Storytelling/ Workshop Facilitation for Festivals, Fairs & Other Events:

  2. Selected to Contribute towards "Writing on Dance" Lab supported by Goethe Institute, Bengaluru as a part of 10th Attakkalari India Biennial 2022 | Jan - Mar 2022

  3. Selected to Contribute towards "Elephant in the Room" Project by Conflictorium & Stroom Den Haag | Jan - Apr 2022

  4. Live Online Asia Sketchnoter | IAF Global Summit (4 Time zones) | 2021

  5. Live Graphic Facilitator (Plenary) | IAF India Conference (New Delhi) | 2019

  6. Visual Storyteller & Workshop Facilitator | Freshers' Orientation Day, WUD (Sonepat) | 2019

  7. Visual Storyteller & Workshop Facilitator | Istoria: A Festival of Stories (NOIDA) | 2019

  8. Live Graphic Facilitator | Gold Sponsor Booth @SHRM India Conference (New Delhi) | 2018

  9. Visual Storyteller, Resident Artist & Workshop Facilitator | Story of Space Festival (Goa) | 2017

  10. Workshop Facilitator | All India Children's Day Festival, National Bal Bhavan | 2017

  11. Visual Storyteller (Online) | Pratham Books Read Aloud Campaign Community Partnership: 'Kahaaniyon ke rang, Delhi Storytellers' Network and Pratham Books ke sang' | 2017

  12. Visual Storyteller & Workshop Facilitator | Kahaani Festival (Jaipur) | 2016

  13. Workshop Facilitator | Mini Maker Faire (Delhi & Benagaluru) | 2016

  14. Centre Director (Arts & Crafts Workshop & Exhibition) | Sahitya Kala Parishad (Govt. of NCT) Children's Summer Workshop with Exhibition at AIFACS Gallery (NewDelhi) | 2015

  15. Workshop Facilitator | Neo Paradigm: USAP GGSIPU Annual Student's Festival (Delhi) | 2013

  16. --------------

  17. Mentions/ Other Publications/ Interactive Sessions (Lectures/ Speaking/ Reading):

  18. The Power of Facilitation - A Panel Discussion & Podcast, July-September 2021 | https://facilitationstories.com/fs37-the-power-of-facilitation

  19. Visual Stories from Micro-moments to Macro-movements, Friday Funda Design Talks, f1Studioz - Enterprise UX / UI Design Company, May 2021

  20. Exploring Visual Thinking in Facilitation, Trainer Tribe MasterClass 37, Quest Alliance, April 2021

  21. Instagram Live: Vocal for Local Episode 6, The India Design Project, August 2020

  22. From artifacts to culture, my journey through design: Keynote at IDC, School of Design, Featured Screenshot of Live Sketchnote of Keynote Presentation at 50 Years of IDC, Punya Mishra's Web, Februrary 2020

  23. Skills to be a Digital / Visual Storyteller, Trainer Tribe MasterClass 19, Quest Alliance, September 2020.

  24. Designing Stories and Realities, Lopez Design Forum 28, October 2019

  25. Generosity of Talent on Global Scale, P.51, (Featuring ITAC NYC Conference Presentation on Story Activism), Elise May, Teaching Artists Guild Quarterly, Issue 13, November 2018.

  26. In An Expanding World Of Typography: Celebrating 10 Modest Years Of Typography Day, A Commemorative Volume 2008-2017, For TypoDay 2018, Content and Design by Studio Anugraha, Ms. Deshna Mehta, March 2018.

  27. Panaji becomes the canvas for this Science Meets Art Festival, Featured Live Painting Project 'ADRIFT', Goa Times, P.3, November 2017

  28. Spring Comes with a Spring to Delhi-NCR with Gurgaon Children's Literature Fest, Tell-A-Tale( Blog cum Story Repository),February 2017

  29. Connecting Dots: A mission, A project and A message, Invited Article, Heritage & People of Chandernagore Blog, January 2016

  30. The Making Of The Story Maker Camp, Guest Post on Your Story Bag Blog, May 2015

  31. Chennai-ites win KMTR T-shirt Design contest, (Featuring First Prize Professional

  32. Category TShirt design by Chitra Chandrashekhar), The Hindu, August 01, 2014, 13:59 IST, Tirunelveli, TamilNadu, India.

  33. Radio Talk 2: Musings on International Women's Day, Script & Recording for All India Radio General Overseas Service, New Delhi, March 2013

  34. Radio Talk: Animation-Made in India, Script & Recording for All India Radio General Overseas Service, New Delhi, February 2013

  35. Design at the Helm of a Promising Future?, P.26, (Featuring article on design by Chitra Chandrashekhar), 24th Issue, Bright Future of design in India, Pool Magazine, June 2012, India. (Read on Issuu)

  36. News on IITB Board Games Auction (Featuring Lumino Trapz, Game Design Group Student Project, Design Registration No. 229051, 2010-11):

  37. Oh Just Play Around, P.4, Vector, August 2019

  38. IIT Bombay to auction games designed by students, NDTV.com, Press Trust of India, July 01, 2011 8:57 pm IST, India.

  39. Now, IIT-Bombay to auction games designed by students, Indian Express, Written by Express News Service, July 2, 2011 12:46:27 am IST, Mumbai, India.

  40. IIT Bombay Auctions Innovative Games for Education and Entertainment, P. 26, 12-13 Issue, Raintree Magazine, IIT Bombay, May-August 2011.

  41. --------------

  42. Invited Jury/ Examiner & Reviewer:

  43. National Bal Bhavan (Visual/ Digital Arts Tools Preparation for National and State Level) | 2017-18

  44. Jury (Branding Design Student Competition) | ISBF Festival | 2016

  45. Sushant School of Architecture (B.Arch.) | 2013

  46. Jamia Milia Islamia (B.Arch.) | 2013

Work Experience


  1. 2013 - Present as Visiting, Guest and Contract Faculty at various Design/ Architecture Schools in NCR, Jaipur, Chennai & Trichy | @Linkedin


  1. Publications can be seen @Academia.edu


  1. 12+ Years of Design, Communications and Visual Story Micropreneurship working in a range of sectors for national and global clientele | @Linkedin & Website link in Profile.

Professional Service

  1. PhD Information Brochure (Pro Bono) Design (Page Layout & Typography) | IIITD&M | May 2022

  2. Visual & Content Design Direction for Admission Brochure (Pro Bono) | SIDI | Jan - Feb 2022

  3. Collateral Design (Pro Bono) | IIITD&M Convocation Ceremony | Aug - Sep 2021

  4. Story Workshop Design & Facilitation (Paid) | MadeIT Innovation | Aug 2021


  1. Internship Project (Internal Guide) for M.Des. Semester 3 Students

  2. Interaction Design (UX/UI) DS5011 (M.Des. IPD/ Sem 01, Ph.D. & Institute Free Elective Takers from CED, COE, ESD, MSM, MDM etc.)

  3. Visual Communication Design DS5006 (M.Des. IPD/ Sem 01)

  4. Concept Design Project DS5007 (Co-Reviewer/Mentor) | (M.Des. IPD/ Sem 01)

  5. Design, Technology and Society-DS5002 (Module 1-3 Sessions) | (M.Des. IPD/ Sem 01)


  1. Art & Article Contributor for "Elephant in the Room" Publication, by Conflictorium (India) & Stroom Den Haag (Netherlands) as a part of "Our House, your Home", Dec 2021 - July 2022, (https://www.stroom.nl/activiteiten/manifestatie.php?m_id=7558455) | Jan 2022

  2. The Power of Facilitation: Making It Easy for Groups to Achieve Amazing Results, Published by FacPower Press, ISBN 978-1-9168868-0-3 (pdf), ISBN 978-1-9168868-1-0 (ebook), ISBN 978-1-9168868-2-7 (paperback), May 2021 | Visual Summary Contributions made to Chapters: Living a Facilitative Life & Partnership between Facilitation & Communication

  3. 6 Frames Story Challenge: The Girl Who Flew Away, contributed to Storyweaver.org Learning Platform, Published by Pratham Books, 2014-Present

  4. Picture Story Titles Recreated from Storyweaver Illustrations for English Learning, (1 No. Illustration is used in the following Titles by various authors), uploaded on Storyweaver.org Learning Platform, Published by Pratham Books, 2014-Present.

  5. English & Spanish Learning Level 2, The Unusual Superhero (El Superhero Extrano) (P.9)

  6. English Learning Level 1, Black Buck (Cover Art)

  7. English Learning Level 3, The Ghost Part 2 (P.6)

  8. English Learning Level 1, The Ghost In Our House. (P.4)

  9. English Learning Level 2, The Scary Ghost Part 2 (P.6)

  10. English Learning Level 3, A Scary Day (P.4)

  11. English Learning Level 3, Emily, The Witch (P.12)

  12. English Learning Level 1, Tina And The Moon Fairy (P.4)

  13. English Learning Level 4, Prayer To Death (P.5)

  14. Greek Learning Level 1, Translated: Everyone is Equal (P.3)

  15. Greek Learning Level 1, Translated: Kuci The Stuffed Teddy Bear (P.3)

Journal Publications

  1. Online Journal & "Writing on Dance Lab" Participant & Contributor (3 Issues): Ligament (Volume 3) | Jan - Mar 2022

  2. ISSUE 1: https://ligament.in/paribhasa-scribing-a-body-of-words/

  3. ISSUE 2: https://ligament.in/stageing/

  4. ISSUE 3: https://ligament.in/issue-3/phrases-and-passages/

Conference Publications

  1. Live Sketchnote for "The Facile Recipe", Session Facilitated by Ms. Meiliana Lany, Monika Kumalasari & Christina | IAF Global Online Summit (4 Time zones), October 2021

  2. (Self Published) Live Sketchnotes of Keynote Address by Mr. Pankaj Chandra, Talks by Mr. Thomas Ockerse, Mr. Farrokh Mistree & Ms. Janet Allen & Panel Discussion on "Design Research" by Mr. Praveen Nahar, Prof. Amaresh Chakrabarti, Mr. John Gero, Mr. Philip Cash & Mr. Srinivasan Venkatraman during "ANTAAYA 2021": 2nd Design Education Symposium (Online), Organised by Department of Design, IIT Guwahati, October 2021

  3. Story Activism: Facilitating Empathetic Creative Collaboration through Visual Storytelling, 4th International Teaching Artists Conference (ITAC), New York City, USA, September 13-18, 2018

  4. Insight-Out: Shaping Our World of Ideas (Installation), 16th IFIP TC.13 International Conference, Mumbai, India, September 25–29, 2017, Published by Industrial Design Centre Indian Institute of Technology Bombay INDIA, ISBN 978-81-931260-9-7.

  5. Syncretism 5.0: Could Design Become a Meta-religion for Global Communion?, Research into Design for Communities, Volume 1: Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Research into Design (ICoRD) 2017, Published by Springer Singapore, Hard Cover ISBN: 978-981-10-3517-3, eBook ISBN: 978-981-10-3518-0, 2017.

  6. Mapping Chandernagore: A Collaborative Approach to Heritage Conservation, Research into Design for Communities, Volume 1: Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Research into Design (ICoRD) 2017, Published by Springer Singapore, Hard Cover ISBN: 978-981-10-3517-3, eBook ISBN: 978-981-10-3518-0, 2017. (Read Online)

  7. See Change: Search for Twenty-first Century Diorama, 8th International Conference on The Inclusive Museum, New Delhi August 9, 2015.

  8. Expedition Theory: Bridging Teaching and Learning for Aesthetic Development, The Asian Conference on Education & International Development, (ACEID), 2015, Osaka Japan, Official Conference Proceedings, ISSN: 2189-101X


  1. Game Board set - Lumino Trapz | Up to 6 players can compete in this exciting strategy based game of ultimate survival. Played on an LED-lit transparent board, this theme game allows for a variety of game play options, such as timed, silent or team play. The final goal is the elimination of all opponent lumino pieces from the light field by sandwich trapping, to attain pure white light. Designed for ages 10 and above, it appeal to the young and old alike lies in its simple yet engaging core game play strategy. | Design Registration No. 229051

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