Dr. Sudhir Varadarajan

Associate Professor and HOD

E-mail: sudhir@iiitdm.ac.in | Ph: +91-44-27476366 | Room No: North Wing, 3rd Floor, Admin Block

Linkedin: https://in.linkedin.com/in/sudhirvaradarajan


IIT Madras





  1. Systems Engineering & Management

Research Interests

  1. Complex responsive processes in design and innovation

  2. Managing the fuzzy front-end of product/service innovation

  3. Methodologies and tools for conceptual design

Work Experience


  1. 20+ years with the Indian IT industry in R&D, Practice Development and Consulting

  2. Worked with 2 of the top 5 Indian IT firms and one of the earliest software product firms in India

  3. Delivered consulting engagements for global corporations from North America, Europe and APAC

Professional Membership

  1. The Design Society (www.designsociety.org)

Professional Service

  1. Dean (Design, Innovation & Incubation), IIITDM Kancheepuram

  2. Director & CEO, MaDeIT Innovation Foundation (IIITDM's TBI - a Section 8 Company)


  1. DES201T: Systems Thinking for Design

  2. DES203T: Designing Intelligent Systems

  3. MAN202T: Sociology of Design

  4. MAN301T: Entrepreneurship and Management Functions


  1. Sudhir Varadarajan (2015), Managing Nothing: A narrative inquiry into innovation and leadership in IT industry, (Foreword by Dr.F.C.Kohli), Published by AuthorsUpfront.

  2. Co-authored a chapter on Indian IT - L.Prakash Sai and V.Sudhir, (2010), "The Evolution of the Indian IT Services Industry: Global Politics, Government Policies and Growth Pangs" in Eric Fritz (Ed.), Entwicklungsland, Schwellenland, Global Player: Indiens Weg in die Verantwortung, ATHENA-Verlag, Germany"

Journal Publications

  1. Sudhir, V. and Murthy, P.N., Ethical challenge to businesses: The deeper meaning, Journal of Business Ethics, 30: 197-210, 2001

  2. Sudhir, V., Srinivasan, G., and Muraleedharan, V.R., Planning for Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Urban India: A system dynamics approach, System Dynamics Review, 1997

  3. Sudhir, V., Muraleedharan, V.R. and Srinivasan, G., Integrated Solid Waste Management In Urban India: A Critical Operational Research Framework, Socio Economic Planning Sciences, 1996

Conference Publications

  1. Sudhir, V., Within the obvious: Keys to unlock bandwidth in interactions and transform GSNs, Values, Conflicts and Compromises in Organizations, University of Hertfordshire, CMC, 2006

  2. Sudhir, V. and Aggarwal, A., Globalisation of IT services: Some conceptual and practical challenges, Presentation made at the workshop on “Grand challenges in services”, organized by Said Business School, Oxford, UK, 18-19 May 2006 (http://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/faculty/Sako+Mari/gcs.htm)

  3. Sudhir, V., Organising for LIWing: Putting heart into the mouth of a knowledge intensive services firm, Paper presented at Complexity, Science & Society Conference, University of Liverpool, 11-14 Sep, 2005.

  4. Sudhir, V., A fundamental principle to rescue innovation, Paper presented at the conference on “Organisations, Innovation and Complexity”, University of Manchester, 9-10 Sep, 2004.

  5. Sudhir, V., Supriya, K. and Murthy, P.N., An exploration of the idea of emancipation in Total Systems Intervention, Paper presented at the Sixth Annual Conference of U.K. Systems Society, 7-11 July, 1997.

  6. Sudhir, V., Srinivasan, G.S. and Muraleedharan, V.R., Annual Conference of International Society for Systems Sciences, 1994

  7. Papers presented at conferences organized by Operations Research Society of India (1994), System Dynamics Society (1995), Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (1995)

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