Cultural Clubs

Cultural Clubs

Cultural Clubs at IIITDM is known for fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus environment. Cultural Clubs play a significant role in promoting diversity, celebrating various traditions and nurturing talents in arts and culture.


Aurora (Art Club)

Welcome to our institute's Art Club! We embrace all art enthusiasts, whether beginners or experienced artists, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. Our exciting events include character sketching, clay sculpting, origami, dotting, and Pictionary. Members can proudly showcase their talents in competitions like Festember. Join us for a memorable journey of creativity, friendship, and endless fun! Discover the artist within our vibrant creative community!


When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, 'no, I went to films.' ~ Quentin Tarantino.

We are a student-led club who promotes film making and share a common interest towards cinema. We focus on aspects such as direction, acting, script-writing, cinematography, video editing, screenplay, story-boarding and many more.


Welcome to the Esports Club! Whether a pro or casual gamer, everyone is welcome to join our community of pixelated legends. From epic RPG quests to intense FPS battles, we've got games that will excite you. Engage in trash talk, victory dances, and creative projects. Rise to the top with us in tournaments, conventions, and LAN parties. Embrace gaming, conquer worlds, and level up your college experience! Game on!

Footlights (Dance Club)

Welcome to Footlights, the vibrant dance club at IIITDM! Experience a world of artistic expression and captivating performances. Engage in workshops and classes for all skill levels, learning from talented members and exploring new styles. Join our nurturing community, unleash your dance spirit, and let your passion and creativity take flight on the stage of Footlights at IIITDM!

Imagix (Photography Club)

Welcome to Imagix, the photography club where passion and creativity unite! All levels of photographers are welcome to capture the world's beauty through our lenses. Join us for thrilling photo walks, field trips, and networking opportunities. Embrace diverse styles and be part of our online community, sharing work and inspiring one another in the art of photography.

Literati Society (Book Club)

Literati Society is a vibrant hub for literature lovers at IIITDM. We bring together readers, writers, and orators in a community of literary enthusiasts. Engage in book discussions, poetry, fiction writing, debates, and open mics. Gain recognition for your pen-abilities through shared work and book reviews on our Instagram. Join our weekend writing events for intriguing prompts and challenges!

Music Club

Welcome to our electrifying Music Club! Passionate musicians unite to create unforgettable experiences through rhythm and melody. Join us for collaborative performances, themed events, and open mics. Whether seasoned or budding, our inclusive environment fosters growth and lasting friendships. Immerse yourself in the power of music and embark on an unforgettable adventure with us!

Quriosity (Quiz Club)

Welcome to the exhilarating Quriosity Quiz Club! Passionate quizzers unite in a vibrant community of knowledge and curiosity. Explore diverse subjects, sharpen your wits, and expand your horizons through captivating contests. Beyond a club, Quriosity creates a family of quizzers, fostering friendships and camaraderie. All are warmly welcome to uncover the mysteries of the world, one question at a time!

Tamizh Saalaram

Vanakam! Welcome to Tamil Saalaram, the college club dedicated to promoting Tamil language learning. We embrace language diversity and offer beginner-friendly language exchange programs, cultural activities, and conversation circles. Whether new to Tamil or proficient, join us for an enriching journey of cross-cultural understanding and linguistic exploration. Let's weave a linguistic tapestry in our college community!

Theatrix (Dramatics Club)

Welcome to the thrilling world of the Dramatics Club! Unleash your creativity and passion as you step onto the grand stage of dramatic arts. Discover storytelling through riveting performances and character development. Hone your acting, stagecraft, and improvisation skills. Join us today and let your imagination run wild, basking in the spotlight of a captivated audience!