Vidhai was initiated in 2014 by a bunch of students who wanted to help for the education of the underprivileged children. They visited government schools in villages surrounding our campus such as kandigai, keerapakkam, kumizhi and melakottaiyur. They conducted both teaching and non-teaching activities in the schools. They conducted 27 hours of session during that period.

Vidhai was re-initiated in October 2019 with more active volunteers and an organized structure of work. We split ourselves into teams and each were alloted with their own responsibilities. We started teaching the 6th to 8th std students of the Kumizhi Government School. We conducted 6 teaching sessions (each 3 hours) on Saturdays (Jan to Feb, 2020) and 1 visit of the 9th class students to the MMTC (Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre) in our campus.

We taught Maths, Science and English through activity based and interactive teaching/learning methods which created enthusiasm in the students. During our feedback sessions, we identified some problems which lead us to the idea of development of a unique and versatile curriculum called EQUIPPED which we are going to follow in the academic year 2020-2021.