Vashisht is the Annual Technical Fest of IIITDM Kancheepuram aims to expand this platform of engineering aspirations and allow all tech enthusiasts to showcase their intelligence and creativity capped in a highly competitive environment powered by an exhilarating mix of talent and skill.

Vashisht-23 was themed "5URGE" (reads as surge, promoting 5G Adoption in India and highlighting the usage of 5G for Sustainability).



The annual techno-cultural festival, Samgatha, is an apt demonstration of the extra-curricular competence and managerial finesse of the students. It has bloomed into a popular platform for students from various colleges to prove their mettle in diverse events. Privileged by prolific speakers, innovators and the brightest mind from various fields, the event offers the students to boost their professional awareness and their organisational skills.



MERAKI is a Greek word, which has no perfect translation. It means to pour your soul and love and creativity into whatever you do and to put a little bit of yourself out there where people can see it. This is the idea behind our intra college cultural fest is to create a place where the love of art and culture and the urge to create can all come together. The fest will consist of a series of exciting events, workshops, and to top it all off a lot of exciting prizes await those who participate!