Student Affairs Council - SAC

Academic Affairs

The academic affairs plays a vital role in ensuring the quality and excellence of the educational experience for students. They address any academic challenges or concerns that students may face, such as access to laboratories, equipment, or resources. They also provide guidance and mentorship for students who aspire to pursue higher education or research opportunities. They facilitate internships and collaborations with renowned institutions and experts in various fields of study.

Alumni Affairs

We are dedicated to fostering a vibrant alumni community and facilitating meaningful connections between alumni, students, and the institute. Our goal is to enhance the alumni network, promote professional development, and create a strong sense of community. Through various initiatives, events, and collaborations, we encourage alumni to contribute their expertise, resources, and support to benefit current students and the institute's growth. Join us in celebrating our shared journey, strengthening alumni-institute relationships, and making a lasting impact together.

General Affairs

General Affairs is a coordinating effort bringing to the forefront issues and growth opportunities for the student community of IIITDM. General Affairs doesn’t have a set mandate or agenda but is very dynamic and agile in its outlook catering to shifting scenarios while implementing its vision for IIITDM

Hostel Affairs

Hostel Affairs is an engaging and vibrant hub where we all meet unforgettable experiences. This dynamic place fosters a close-knit community of various people of various languages and cultures from all walks of life. With its cozy accommodations, lively common areas, and diverse events, Hostel Affairs gives us a new home to forge lasting connections, share stories, and embark on memorable journeys together , forever. Let's embrace the spirit of wanderlust and camaraderie in this welcoming heaven and a wide family for students seeking more than just a place to rest their heads .

Mess Affairs

Discover a delightful culinary journey at IIITDM Kancheepuram's vibrant mess named Akshaya. Everyone here, nourishes their body and mind with a diverse range of nutritious meals with quality and prepared in a hygienic way.Our mess functions with talented chefs and workers and accommodate around 1000 people at a single time.We enjoy and cherish every special occasion with special meals.We have different food melas conducted every year.Its a perfect place to enjoy, relax and socialize.Join us to experience the joy of food and community at Akshaya! Welcome to our enriching college mess experience!

Placement Affairs

The Training and Placement Cell of IIITDM Kancheepuram is dedicated to encourage a smooth transition from academic life to professional life. We connect our students with renowned companies and industries through a targeted strategy, ensuring outstanding employment opportunities. To help students become ready for the demanding job market, our committed team organizes skill-enhancing workshops, sets up mock interviews, and offers personalized guidance. Through persistent work, we have established strong professional connections that open doors to intriguing internship and employment prospects. Connect with us to get the guidance and resources you need to succeed as you set out on your path to a rewarding and fruitful career.

Research Affairs

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Sports Affairs

Truly said! At IIITDM Kancheepuram, we provide facilities for students to experience “above and beyond” academic experience, to maintain their physical fitness and to excel as a bright student. The institute has a gymnasium, cricket ground, football ground, basket ball court, lawn tennis court, volley ball court, table tennis room, badminton court etc.