Research Projects

  • Dr N Sadagopan gets DST-Core Research Grant for the project titled "Impact of Convexity, Chordality, Planarity on Domination problems - Computing and Complexity Study", 2023-2026

  • Dr. Y. Ashok Kumar Reddy received a project on "Metal oxide-based heterostructures for gas sensor devices" funded by UGC-DAE CSR

  • Dr. Priyanka Kokil received a project worth of Rs.25 lakhs on "Design and Development of a Standalone Device for Early Detection of Plant Diseases using Machine Learning Techniques" from CSIR EMR

  • Dr. N. Sadagopan shall investigate "A framework for steiner tree domination and its variants in convex graphs-computing and complexzity study", funded by NBHM (DAE)

  • Dr. Sivaselvan B is going to mentor "Side Channel attack exploration in Smart Wearable devices", funded by SERB TARE

  • Dr. Pandithevan P shall investigate "Design and manufacturing of a fan for efficient heat disspation in 1000 HP Industrial Motor", funded by Wolong India Technology P Ltd

  • Dr. Timmaraju V shall investigate "Development of a thermoplastic composite tape winding set-up with enhanced build capacity", funded by SERB-CRG

  • Dr. Binsu J Kailath shall investigate "FPGA/ASIC/PSPC Development of Identification of stages of sleep in critical neurological illness cases from EEG signal using Neuromorphic circuit", funded by MeITY